supplier certifications.

we don’t own a factory. without a vertically integrated supply chain, it places even further importance on analysing the quality, standards & practices of our partnering suppliers.

we believe that transparency is key.

we only partner with those who genuinely align with our values – and have a track record to show for it. first and foremost, we use independent certification bodies that conduct audits against globally recognised best practice social & environmental standards, to ensure that our suppliers are manufacturing in an ethical & responsible manner. 

lets break it down.

certification bodies and standards that all of our suppliers comply with


ensures safe-testing of materials from harmful substances. nothing has been used in the supply chain that could harm you or the environment.


international environmental standard, with requirements such environmental policy, planning, implementation, corrective action & review.

BSCI Audit

Business Social Compliance Initiative – continuously improving social performance and working standards of our suppliers.

Global Recycled

tracks & verifies the material woven into all products, addressing traceability & sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.


Supplier Ethical Data Exchange – an online system allowing suppliers to maintain verifiable data on ethical & responsible practices.


evaluates the quality management system, & ensures commitment to sustainability with prevalence throughout company culture.

while these certifications provided a solid foundation for our research & testing phase, we went even further to ensure genuine alignment with our suppliers and our values:

prioritising open & honest communication. this means not just conveying our sustainability goals – but actively seeking manufacturing partners who share our vision, & are passionate about making a positive impact. this process was all about real collaboration – not simply seeking a supplier to fulfil business objectives!

our collaboration with suppliers has allowed us to customise internal processes that further minimise our environmental impact. this includes the fine-tuning of our material specs, the removal of extra packaging, & a fuel-efficient combined logistics chain with other suppliers.

we believe that this collaborative approach is essential in achieving our sustainability goals, & offering you products that you can feel good about using.

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