closing the loop.

we believe the future of business is restorative.

as part of our commitment to setting the industry standard for waste reduction, we offer sustainable end-of-life management for any & all of our products, should they ever get to that point.

this is our closed loop system.

materials are collected via post or at drop-off points, & sent to partnering factories here in australia to be recycled into something amazing (once again!)

a simple & meaningful process.


start request via our contact page to receive your label/drop-off point.


return your goods to us. please (please!) give them a wash if possible.


we collate materials and prepare a delivery to recycling facilities.


as a thank-you, you’ll get an exclusive discount code. how good’s that?

our products are made to last & managed responsibly. every item we sell will live for years. but things happen. even the most durable of products can eventually reach their end-of-life. our program is about making sure the journey continues after that.

more links on our sustainability